Casio CDP Privia

On average, a digital piano or synthesizer timbres present 150-300, which transmit the sound of all known musical instruments – both classical and national (banjo, sitar, etc.) or (saxophone, organ, harpsichord, etc.), as well as many of the synthesized sounds. So, Privia PX-330 produces 250 tones, Privia PX-320 – 202 tone, Privia PX-800 – 162 of timbre. Among the models of series Celviano many voices have new Celviano AP-620 – 250 voices, as well as classic Celviano AP-500 – 164 of timbre. As a rule, voices can be blended, for example, to get the sound of oboe at the same time with the cello. Is responsible for this function "Dual voice (Layer or Dual). Sometimes these combinations of unusually expressive. Please note that by mixing two sounds require twice as much polyphony, as each note uses two votes.

In the presence of the function "Split (Split) on the left and right of the keyboard split point can play different timbres. For example, the right hand play the melody violin, and left – "twang" harp. But it is important to tune each instrument did not go beyond the point of separation, or a violin suddenly transformed into a harp, or vice versa. For devotees only piano sound provided models of digital piano with a limited number of sounds. They convey a few sounds piano, organ, harpsichord, xylophone, and some others – from 5 tones in a compact model, Casio CDP-100 to 11-16 voices in classical Privia (Model Privia PX-120, Privia PX-130, Privia PX-720, Privia PX-730, Privia PX-830) and first-rate Celviano (model Celviano AP-200, Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420, Celviano AP- 45, Celviano AP-400). This restriction is often used by parents who do not want to distract children from classes.

Synthesizers with this limitation no longer available. Polyphony – maximum number of sounds that can play digital piano or synthesizer at the same time. Depending on the instrument, produced a model with 32-note polyphony (up to 32 sounds simultaneously votes), 48-voice, 64-voice, 128-voice. Of course, more polyphony, the better the performance, the more options for combining different sounds. 32-voice polyphony is considered a basic level, 48-chord and 64-voice regarded as semi-, 128 votes satisfy all the requirements of a professional musician. Maximum 128-note polyphony have all new models of digital pianos Casio – Privia PX-130, Privia PX-330, Privia PX-730 and Privia PX-830, as well as Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420 and Celviano AP-620 and as most have already tested models. All of them are in the store MuzMart. In this case we are not talking about how to simultaneously press the keys 128 (they are no more than 88), the point is to combine different sounds, add accompaniment, that is actually "squeeze" from his instrument a whole orchestra without sacrificing sound quality.