Although the death is an inevitable fact, in the majority of the occasions never it is sufficiently preparation like being able to confront it, and soon to surpass, the separation of a dear being. Especially because not only one physically loses that person, but everything it united what us to that person, the paper that we occupied in its life and the one that, coverall, she occupied in ours. In psychology we identified a series of stages in the duel through which usually they pass the majority of the people. It is possible to be happened of the negation to the culpability, of the acceptance to the own identification with the passed away person, but what never it is possible to be avoided it is to feel us empty and sad because that dear being no longer is our side. These feelings are increased still much more in the time of the Celebrations of Year End, spiritual a familiar time that traditionally has been defended like a religious celebration and in that all we must be happy and for maintaining to us united. Although these questions have been lost little by little with the passage of years and, mainly, with the arrival of new population generations, it is normal to feel something of sadness in these celebrations, because at past moments we lived – happy with those relatives or dear beings who no longer are.

We feel that the Celebrations of Year End no longer are the same because those people no longer are, but a thing forgets to us: we can continue, living them with joy and happiness, we took if them like another moment more in our lives, like another time more of the year, in which meets to the family and in whom we become gifts. During the process of the duel, as therapists we recommended that one of the best forms to surpass the death of a dear being is the one to accept that person no longer is physically between us, but that does not prevent that, spiritually yes continues being, in our heart, our thought, and our style of daily life. Certainly we have beautiful reasons reason why to smile every day, and certainly we do not have why to pass the Celebrations single of Year End: family, friendly, companions All of them can help us at those moments that we create difficult. The Equipment of PsicoAyuda original Author and source of the article