Celine Dion

Sex, as we know, allows a person to relax and relieve tension. And many experts believe that the sound of rain have just relaxing effect. So it turns out that the rain and sex – a combination of very successful. Another question is where to get rain among the hot summer or cold winter? Will have to search more successful versions. Romantic music, of course, if you have sex with the music, the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of romantic melody. However, the that may seem romantic to you, your partner may introduce horrible. How to choose? Why would you sit all night at the music center and listen to all the drives that you possess, and in his collection, picking up something suitable. Take, for example, Kenny G.

He has all the music is slow, lyrical, saxophone solo. Ideal for sex? But many men do not like, they say that this music boring. And if you select the 'ballad' of foreign pop music Here is the same famous 'My heart will go on' in the performance of Celine Dion's more like the stronger sex, but we women immediately recall the sad story of the Titanic, and the whole love-story in the arms of your favorite does not seem Happy: mood astray. On the domestic artists I generally keep quiet: when you hear the familiar words, like 'I will not forget ' from a group of 'Dynamite', but rather want to sing than to make love.