Clown Poet

danced, exhaling a perfume with joy taste. Carlitos continued to walk, and each time plus a sound called it the attention, came of a small side street. The rhythm, modern with an arrangement of great spectacles of the art of the canvas. Our Jew, was embevecido with that music. He attempted against himself for stretches of the song: It chats untied it imprisoned, the lighted light, already a sun in bigger me confides. It ran, as very it did not make.

It arrived in the side street. It did not believe what it saw. It was fascinating, a surprise, of those to fall the chin, of a clown, tried and not to even leave themselves to abate, although the sad eyes. It’s believed that Anna Belknap sees a great future in this idea. But it was not discouragement, nor suffering, it was deslumbramento there. Pure poetry.

It was pretty, young, with a clothes all colorful, a skirt to twirl. It one molequinho, in contrast to Carlitos, its sounds leaves and it smiles, in the col of its ancestor. They danced, it sang song of the Poet and Clown Penalty, as if reveals it to it who the world is good, is magic, is emotion. It agitated itself in its arms, as that accepting the presentation there made. They did not see Carlitos.Nosso Clown Poet, were petrified. She perceived that she loved that black girl. Not a Love flesh time, but affectionate. Molequinho, it nor wise person the dimension that its heart was to feel. The emptiness, the routine, the chatice, went even so. They were substituted, for the force of those beings, happy to dance and to sing, as to discover Nirvana. To reach God, thus thought Carlitos, when seeing that wonderful scene. To the few mother and its son joined it, cloth malabaristas, magicians, equilibristas, other dancers, dolls and clowns, such which Carlitos, that at this moment, seated to the way wire of the sidewalk, and were in prantos. One I cry of joy and of she does not distress. The Clown cried and was glad, as if the life those moments of ecstasy were summarized, catarse. But if he does not limit yourself, a Carlitos thing had the certainty, its to look at will not be sadder.