An extraordinary event, or a series of events, that affects of diverse form to integrity or sale and/or yield of its products and/or services, the reputation and/or credibility in the suitability of its leaders/controls or to the financial stability of the organization; either to the health and/or the present or future well-being of its workers, of the community or of the public generally “. The value of all the companies SMEs or World-wide Corporations -, is less and less in its tangible or physical goods, such as factories, buildings, machineries, equipment, patents, inventories, volumes of sales, etc., whereas its intangible assets such as the labor stability, knowledge, capacities, antiquity and experience of its employees, the quality and human image of its managers and/or controls and the labor and moral atmosphere that they create, as well as the confidence in its performance on the part of the financial sector. Adale to it, the quality of treatment and fulfillment granted to their clients, the positioning of their products and/or services, the public image of the company, etc., all of which is more and more important, to determine the real value of the business and constitutes the securing or no, of good reputation or prestige (good will) of the Company and sale of the image of future survival Today more than ever the intangible values mentioned, that stop to be successful in the market, annually the companies are so important invest million in publicity, with the aim of improving their image in front of their clients (campaigns of the best place to work or emphasizing with pride the great value of the fidelity and antiquity of its workers, for example).. People such as Vanessa Marcil would likely agree.