Cultural Center Dannemann

In the opening of the event, the Filarmnica Sanfelista Union touched diverse musics before the launching of the COMPACT DISC of IX the Festival of Filarmnicas of the Recncavo, another project of the Cultural Center Dannemann, recorded to the living creature in the closing of IX the Festfir, carried through in December of 2001 in the same local. After the launching the public could appreciate the performance ‘ ‘ Corposcaos’ ‘ , of the coregrafo and dancer Itamar Sampaio. The Dannemann also leads an educational project of reforestation, where also farmers and its children instruct to recycle materials, for the notebook confection pertaining to school, toys and etc., standing out the heat of the ecosystem of the importance of its preservation. Moreover, all Saturday has an exhibition of films in the Cultural Center. FINAL CONSIDERAES and finally, valley to detach that the fumageira activity of the bahian Recncavo enrolls in contexts of crises and apogees, continue present until today, however without it has very detached, in the Bahia, the agricultural tobacco production was consolidated in centuries XVII and XVIII, However, in the same surrounding are gifts other forces of work. The related activity does not occupy place of prominence currently in relation to other Brazilian states with can detach the Rio Grande Do Sul and Alagoas, However the rescue and the preservation of the fumageira culture in the region survive through industries that remain in the current context and contribute for the social and cultural development of the region. BIBLIOGRAPHY the culture of the tobacco in the Bahia of the excellency to the decay. Available in.

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Cigars Tradition, art and pleasure. Agricultural globe, Rio De Janeiro: Globe, v.18, n.205, p.14-16, nov. 2002. Dannemann, the oldest cigar plant of Brazil. Available in. Access in 12/04/2009. NARDI, Jean Baptiste. The Brazilian tobacco in the colonial period: farming, commerce and administration. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 1996. 432p. ISBN 851113117-5. ATTACHED Dannemann Cigars, available in the market in boxes with 5, 10 and 25 cigars. Folder of VI the Biennial one of the Recncavo, carried through in the city of Is Flix.