PART i DEFINITIONS In this assay I will look for to explanar on some pertinent subjects to the cibercultura: the escravizao of the man for the computational machine as well as was the escravizao of the laborers of the txteis industries the vapor, in gone of century XIX. At as a moment, if the said jobs ' ' tradicionais' ' they will be extinct for said ' ' virtuais' ' e, what, and because, it became the cibercultura, as well as the globalization, became the cibercultura in a way to know to make that at the same time where he is includente also it is exculpatory. Relation to the first subject, I do not believe that the technologies will come so that in them let us become virtual slaves, although our reality to show the inverse one accurately. However, according to Pierre Lvy, in its Cibercultura book, it affirms that today to know the Real we must know the virtual one. (Similarly see: actress). I will use the example of the proper Internet, today we can very have an equal or bigger contact well of what we have to speech to the telephone, that is a media it type ' ' one um' ' , this without acquisition of the video, thus leaving for the receiver the task to materialize the transmitter. During much time, the situation proposal was the form more ' ' humana' ' , after the meeting ' ' real' ' between these people. Today, with the advent of the programs of instantaneous messages (MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.), one uses the sound, the image and the text so that the people through the Internet come close themselves. What I intend to affirm is that, as well as the telephone it did not separate, isolated the people, but yes it joined them more, the Internet will not make it.