Deputy Chairman State Duma Committee

In 2005, the singer opened in St. Petersburg, a network of pubs "Thick fraer, due to the original interior design and quality of beer sold to beer, for two years the network has grown to 10 institutions. In 2006, Rosenbaum has launched and own brewery, with plans to provide "Tolstoy fraera" with his trademark beer. To date, the city has 7 pubs, as a kind of tourist attraction of St. Petersburg and a favorite vacation spot St. Petersburg. Do not forget about the artist and social activities, in 2003, Rosenbaum was elected to the State Duma of the party "United Russia". In May 2005, People's Artist, occupying the position of Deputy Chairman State Duma Committee on Culture, on the blessing of His Eminence Vladimir, Metropolitan of St.

Petersburg and Ladoga, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications, Government St. Petersburg, the Leningrad naval base led the Foundation "Kronstadt". The main objective of the Fund – the restoration of Nicholas' Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt. This is the official site of the Fund Development Historical Heritage "Kronstadt". Now the singer has served as chairman of the Community Advisory Council at the afms of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. In the eve of its anniversary tour, dedicated to the future sixtieth birthday, Alexander Rosenbaum and his "Old Army" traditionally open the musical season in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall.

For the St. Petersburg artist will perform his old, beloved by many, songs and, of course, will perform something from the recent works. In Moscow the same Alexander Yakovlevich plans to start their anniversary tour with a concert "Concert-long life." Rosenbaum himself in an address published on the website of, said: "The program These concerts will be performed the song with which I plan to go on tour until her 60 th anniversary. It will include, above all, the well-known works from the different cycles, written before 1990, as well as a number of songs of recent years, thus, I want to respond to numerous requests my audience about a lot of oldies in concert. This does not mean that it is not being written and will not execute new, but something that I came to the finish line must be granted in full, and given that the bulk of the audience learned creativity Rosenbaum to mid-90's early works will be given preference. With best regards and hoping for an ambulance meeting, Alexander Rosenbaum.