Dungeon Masters

way to see, the form to stop this is to cause that the elfos are more accessible, respecting its mystic and all those characteristics that make them unique. And it will obtain with a joint work between players and Masters Dungeon. How we make to a more accessible personage elfo then? There is a series of aspects that we must consider at the time of approaching this subject, that they will do the easy way much more to us at the time of to play with elfo. And a easier way will cause that the diversion is greater. These keys are applicable as much to personages players and PNJ s to the position of the DM.

We see them then. – A mind closed against an open mind. This it is in my opinion the fundamental aspect of all this history, and will condition all the others somehow. Normally we tend to perceive to the high elfos like beings of strong principles, and although sometimes they are butchers, they are also respectful and tolerant. At the time of interpreting to a personage elfo it can be good idea that we do as if outside most tolerant ours elfo of all of them (although this will depend again on the campaign, the character of the personage and sinfn of factors). Thus we will diminish the impact that will have the possible abuse of certain topics.

Said of another simpler form: to be time and time again speaking of the racial differences of the personages within the game tends to exhaust these personages. – Your city Knows. The lficas societies and cities tend to be closed, sometimes even racist with other races. A Dungeon Masters would have to treat a city that appears in its games like a personage, like that has own life. Thus, a personage elfo will be able to use as the own peculiarities of the city in which he lives or in that he is, and at the time of defining his character the player will have lines of development to define to his personage elfo.