Energyefficient Windows

Energy-saving plastic windows at the moment the problem of saving the world situation is very serious. Therefore, manufacturers of plastic windows solve the problem of keeping warm by using energy-saving glass in conjunction with the installation of the warmer system profiles. What is it – the energy-efficient windows? Heat radiate all heated bodies, and conventional glass can not hold radiation coming out of the room to the street. However, application of low-E glass on the surface of optical coating leads to the fact that infrared radiation reflected from the surface back into the room. Thus, achieved a significant effect of energy saving. The quality of energy-saving glass depends on what kind of coating is applied to its surface. Recent developments in thin-film coatings having low value of emission factor to reflect back into space more than 90% of thermal energy leaving through the window.

Today in the mass production of two types of energy out of glasses with a hard surface – and K-glass with "Padded – I-Glass. The coefficient of energy I-glass is 1.5 times the rate of energy saving to the glass. The difference between these two types of glasses are in the coefficient of emissivity, and and manufacturing methods. I-glass is a three-layer structure of alternating layers of silver and is produced by vacuum deposition. However, the hardness of the coating I-glasses as compared to coated glass – Less, and it delivers some inconvenience in transportation I-glasses and glass assembly, but the client receiving windows, this does not feel uncomfortable, because I-glass is located inside the glass and not subject to mechanical stress. In some cases, the use of I-glass eliminates the double-glass, thereby greatly facilitated the entire window design and reduces the load on window accessories.

In the race for energy conservation as part of profile systems. In the first positions on energy efficiency using new materials system serves GENEO window profiles from the world famous concern REHAU. Profile system GENEO – a revolutionary solution, which already makes it possible to make a jump in time and meet market demand, future-oriented. At the heart of invention – innovation fiberoptic material RAU FIPRO, which is characterized by record-breaking strength and resistance to stress. For many years he was actively used in aircraft structures and Formula 1 racing cars – fields extreme loads and at particular risk – and well-proven. In the arsenal of GENEO – 6-chamber structure of the profile, the system depth of 86 mm and a central seal. The lack of steel reinforcement saves the system from potential "cold bridges" – a source of heat loss in the traditional window units. The lightweight design is 40% GENEO absolutely not inferior to existing systems in the strength characteristics. The unique material RAU FIPRO and technical know-how REHAU provides the necessary rigidity and structure to help get a variety of shapes and sizes of windows. The ability to use future technology today provides the best savings future. With the constant growth of prices for energy energy-efficient windows – an investment in the future, which will give their devidendy throughout the life of your home!