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Cuideiru is a village in Asturias, bounded on the west by Valdes, Chambers and Pravia south and east walls and Pravia Nalon again. The main and most recognized Cuideiru activities is fishing, in particular hake. There the Confraternity of fishermen “Virgen del Carmen.” It also has the importance of Shell-fishing activities, generating an operating plan of action. Other activities Cuideiru is tourism, especially during the middle months of the year.

Cudillero Cuideiru or in the west central coast of Asturias, less than 60 km Uvieo road. Cuideiru Asturian fishing village. Very well maintained, Cudillero gaining more weight among the tourist destinations in the region thanks to its very special charm. Heading towards the sea on a hillside, many colorful houses are arranged like an amphitheater overlooking the sea. A good time to visit this beautiful town in Asturias is during the summer, when many choose to spend quiet days enjoying the best weather of the year. It is a magnificent tourist destination in the middle of a coastal cliff, which is worth more to enjoy the landscape, surrounded by fertile valleys and mountains. The surrounding landscape, well preserved by being an area declared as protected landscape. The people of Asturias has numerous points of interest such as the chapel of Humilladero, the Church of San Pedro or San Marin Luina, or the rectory, which functions as a cultural center and museum. Point of rest and seclusion with lots of nature.