I think we come together to meet the brothers, and with new people, to bless God and share koinonia. However, in general, we arrive on time and we pulled out just minutes after the last sentence. Most of the time, sitting or standing, look at the neck and back of our brothers, almost nothing we locked eyes. And you know you can make up the heart with words but there looked to lie. If you want to know how we, if we know the joy or sadness of our brethren is almost essential to look at the eyes, face to face.

I can not imagine that when, in Ephesians 4.25, the Bible says, "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another", that is on your back or neck. Without doubt, I think that is in the eye. Then I wonder why, instead of sitting one behind the other, we do not sit in a circle in a circle with several turns of chairs or benches, or in a semicircle, or whatever, but that allows us to look at his face. I believe that when Jesus preached in the open places were located people spontaneously and no distributions rigid, predetermined or imposed. For some time I wonder why we do not doubt our liturgy, that on many occasions, is an act of repetition. I'm not saying that there is falsehood in what we do, what I say is that I am sure that the gourd should be reviewed as soon as possible because we risk wasting the new wine that God brings.