Ethiopia Map

But had to go in August, the rainy season. It was necessary to consult with his new Ethiopian friends. I called Tadese: – Do you have a good map of Ethiopia? – Of course there is! – We can meet and discuss my itinerary? -Of course we can! – Well, just do not forget a map. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tony Parker is the place to go. We met at the subway Petrovsko-Razumovskaya and went to the cafe. We sat down at a table, ordered a beer. I took the leaflets, which provide a detailed outlines a plan for future travel. -Did you bring a map? -Of course, brought! And Tadese put on the table a small crumpled piece of paper on which was printed a tiny map of Ethiopia. In the center was the only point at which sported a sign – Addis Ababa.

Other cities on the map was not. I opizdenel! – Listen, Tadese and may Well it is the beer? Let the vodka? – Well, you can. After two hours in each of us was about half a liter. All this zalakirovali beer. We talked about Ethiopia and about life in general. Actually from our conversation then I well remember only 3 Objects with: 1.Tedese shitty live in Moscow. 2.Obratno in Ethiopia, he does not want. 3.Devushki in Ethiopia are very beautiful and cost 40 birr ($ 4) I zasobiralsya home, Tadese expressed a desire to carry me to the subway. I wish he did not do it! Usually cops do not pay any attention to me.