He is considered what type of family in question (it can be numerous, only one or two members or the prototype of the Dinks double income no kids, double income no kids-), purchasing power and competitive profile. ExpertosPara organize the implementation of the system, retailers are appointed a captain of category, responsible for recommending and assemble the gondola, from a deep knowledge of the category of products that handle and the dynamics of the point of sale. This person generally belongs to the brand that leads the category and the idea is to comply with the win to win: that all brands win. The category becomes more palatable and motivates the impulse, tempting consumption. How do we buy?There are studies that claim that there it is certain locations of products that facilitate the purchase: the more privileged are dropouts of gondola, which are located at the beginning of the street of the product family and face the direction of the public transit. The height of the eyes of the consumer is 1.60 meters and it tends to look first to the right, therefore thats the most required location. The areas are divided into client area, which is the location that generates more sales: between eyes and waist; the warm area is above the eyes until the reach of hand and below the waist until the middle of the thigh.

Cold area is above the eyes, from the comfortable reach of hand and half of the thigh to the floor. On the other hand, there are also more hot categories that are the products of purchase planned such as milk, eggs, and staple foods. Other products, more cold and leaving the shopping list are the most difficult to sell and need a larger display strategy. That is why some chains to begin the tour by that type of products. Order automatic Category Management is mainly governed under the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange, electronic data interchange) computer system that keeps everything connected information system: chain knows for certain how much and what sold and passes this information to the provider, and the order is done automatically, by electronic means. The chains are investing many resources in development of database of customers, with record of who are your consumers, how often they acquire this or that product. This type of information is of vital importance to achieve one still further development of Category Management and which can be applied not only in the big chains. This is a great opportunity to achieve substantial improvements in business through the whole of the value chain, contemplating to distributors, suppliers and customers.