Exposition Cameras

The term "Exhibition" means the amount of light reaching the light-sensitive photographic material for a certain period of time. Three main parameters that affect the exposure – it's sensitivity, exposure and diaphragm. Most modern cameras, whether analog or digital, automatically monitor these three parameters. Some compact cameras have a manual control function, and all slr cameras provide photographers to full manual control over all parameters, functions and settings. How the camera determines the shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity? If the answer to this question for you is not so obvious, do not worry, we will be able to deal with it together. Many novice photographers consider the question of exposure is too complex to understand.

But it is necessary only to understand the terms and everything becomes clear and simple. Realizing the essence of the definition of regular ekspopar, you will be able to explain to myself the causes of blurry, dark or too bright images that are so frustrating to beginners. You will also understand what your camera is capable of different situations. Diaphragm to control the amount of light transmitted through the lens aperture is used. With Aperture you adjust the value of the hole created by its petals in space of the lens. The wider the aperture, the stronger the light beam passing through the lens and the camera is better prepared for difficult situations with inadequate lighting. The aperture (f /) is always is a decimal number, which decreases as the diameter of the diaphragm.