FARC Terrorists

After that, the FARC released two hostages, Venezuelan President boasts of his negotiating skills and asks that, in return, who Bogota let of tick as terrorists to FARC and ELN. While previous Colombian Presidents are opposed to doing this, Uribe has conditioned such step which the guerrillas go giving new steps. If the FARC and the ELN are re-baptised as belligerent forces it would imply that outside their funds and campaigns could not be seized and that bridges could aim to make agreements with them or allow them to legalize and enter the electoral game. Chavez would like to Colombia opts for an outlet to the nor-Irish, South African, Palestinian or Central America where a insurgency that pacta or be disarming allows legally mold to the State and be able to legally reach this control. The Red sectors hardest retrucan that the terrorist nickname should, rather, apply to Bush and his allies by indiscriminately bombing thousands of civilians. However, the US and the EU believe that he leads an elected Government and that There is no reason yet to remove the Colombian guerrillas from its list of terrorist organizations. International analyst original author and source of the article.