In one he is alone dries, the misery I I bring a well bigger misery here in my chest. Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Necessary of peace, of freedom I feel prisoner, seems that a bow invisive me mooring cable. I want conhec, if he exists, a same freedom U It seems that you hearing a music inside of me (Alone: Freedom pra to love) Cio: Everything this is very pretty! Somebody to explain needs as goes believes me if I not to hear? as v to be able listening, if nobody me fal? (A missionary Arrives) Missionary: Good afternoon! Cio: Good! I know you? Missionary: I find that not. I am a missionary. I am here because Jesus loves you and wants to save its life. It is only capable to cure and to save. Cio: Apois, if it is only capable to cure and to save, then ia, what I need to make? Missionary: She opens its heart and she has accepted Jesus as its only Mr. and Salvador.

She recognizes that it is a pecador and that necessary of it. Cio: I want to hear more, I say more (they leave, talking) Narrative: As the Cio of this history, millions exist of strange northeasterns who adore deuses and others as much that give cult to the most diverse entities. This represents a great challenge for us. Clamemos to our Father so that it if digne to look at for this people sertanejo. (choral: ‘ ‘ Our Father That You are in the Cu’ ‘ – Hymn 384 HCC) Narrative: Therefore it is, my people, exist millions of devoid Brazilians of God, whom they need to be visited and to be evangelizados. Who will go to the fields to announce? Who will support the ones that will be? Who is made use to intercede for men as Cio and all Brazil? The chance is this: it uses to advantage to serve the Mr. of Missions. (All the church, of foot, sings all together with the participants of the presentation.