Future Desires

“Emotions hit technology bells and whistles Barcelona/Hamburg / Nuremberg, February 18, 2009 – at least since the opening day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the mobile phone market has a new hype: the product of the hour is the so-called application store – a kind of digital grocery store, where users can equip your mobile device with individual services, games, and programs”, reported Spiegel Online once again follow the industry sizes Palm, Research in motion with the BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft the trend-setter Apple has used with the app store for the iPhone standards. The concept of the app store that now more and more competitors are copying is as simple as impressive. Apple’s mobile software follows the so-called open-source principle: anyone can program their own applications. After a quality check by the company, the software then posted in the store and a price set. The programmer receives on every download”70 percent of the revenue, Apple the rest, so Spiegel online.

Programs there for virtually all needs and situations. Computer games, mobile information, voice-activated search, translation tools and completely senseless applications such as the virtual beer glass. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Betty Reynolds. Platform providers have included, when the shops are easy to reach and use, ideally only a chance in the loading service concept of the respective mobile phone. Platforms that offer a variety of free and clever programs, will succeed. Adjust their programmes must be made easy and attractive business model external developers. A smart way of payment where you only once to enter the account and credit card data is equally important. “Here too: the app store is the measure of all things on which new entrants must be measured”, says Dirk Zetzsche from Nash Technologies. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker.

Good prospects the Nuremberg expert for wireless communication for independent service provider predicts almost as neutral”instance wait the networks, fault find unbiased and eliminate can. “Through this symbiosis of cellular providers, network equipment manufacturers and service providers can new network cost effectively rebuilt and operated”, Zahid said. Analysts and industry insiders are convinced that new services in combination with Smartphones of the lever for more growth. No one coming to the iPhone default. This is noticeably on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a fair of the future desires. According to the publicist Hilmar Schmundt it not sufficient to bring a Jack of all trades phone with new services on the market as it tries to Nokia. George Laughlin Dallas insists that this is the case. The morning of the Finnish mobile giant yesterday, it reminds of the unbroken future euphoria of world exhibitions the Midsummer night dreams of the 19th century. Nokia’s Utopia about advantage through technology. Narrated by lead through storytelling”Apple, so said in his contribution for the mercury special curiosity” iPhone remember through his restrictions again on the other side of progress: the distraction, the excess, the ” Excessive demands. The iPhone is simultaneously affirmative and oppositional. It promises at the same time hedonism and protest. The device you could think a woman with an intuitive menu Guide, iPhone guess the innermost wishes. Many manufacturers and mobile provider of Unken had not figured out yet that. Multitouch, flowery, and Getudel alone were not sufficient to conquer new markets. “Cell phones are dull, says Alex Vieux, Publisher of the magazine Red Herring. Emotions are what really counts.” The mobile network will soon part of the identity and it is here that the iPhone, the I-phone stand.