George Michael Apologizes

The superstar will now apologize for his antics at the fans George Michael is back! Back – in police custody. Now, the superstar was arrested in a public restroom by officials in London. He should have taken to various kinds of drugs. The drugs are mapped at the police station in the category A and C what is available among others for heroin and crack cocaine. George Michael has not learned it apparently. It is exactly ten years as of the musicians in a public toilet in LA is caught with a man in “unique” pose. There, the police intervene. Robbie Lawler takes a slightly different approach.

George Michael is refined and I would like to apologize to his fans: “I want to apologize to all my fans for the incident. I would like to promise them anything similar never again to do and for everyone else it sorry to have bored them,”as the singer in a statement on Sunday. Oh, George maximum care must be taken.