Google Docs Documents

Google-Docs with the GTC InterFAX Internet fax service now cloud based services and comfortable fax sending and receiving. Glenn Dubin, New York City is often quoted on this topic. Stuttgart, the 25.10.2011 one of the leading electronic communication service provider, the GTC TeleCommunication GmbH (, the gap between real and virtual office. GTC InterFAX ( products/internet-fax.html) enables its customers immediately the perfect flexibility through the integration of InterFAX in Google-cloud-services ( de). Still, leader in important transmission of information rely on the fax. Faxes not accidentally end up in the spam filter and get a much higher attention during the flood of E-Mail.

Send and receive fax orders restaurant websites and Internet portals and also in health care, as well as in the banking / insurance sector fax communication is very important. Internet fax combines the advantages of fax dispatch with which electronic communications and allows a smooth integration of the Fax communications into the business processes. Documents so received as sent an email directly from your own computer, can be maintained. InterFAX goes even one step further: by integrating Google Docs documents in the Internet fax service, fax communication is part of a complete virtual work environment. After one-time registration, you can be to Google Docs documents directly as a fax with just a few clicks. And also received faxes can be submitted directly in the Google Docs environment. This service is free of charge for InterFAX customers. Volker Biedinger, 44, Managing Director: Our customers appreciate the flexibility and cost savings, bringing the use of Internet fax dispatch with GTC InterFAX. “Benefit from Google Docs to InterFAX by connecting our customers in addition the benefits of cloud based applications this can be completely virtual and this professionally operated all communication channels.”