Gunter Beltzig

The collection of Loffler the love of applied art was for Werner Loffler background and mandate for the collection of Loffler: opened In October 2010 the largest European private collection of seating furniture from the last two centuries. All exhibits which are in their original state and not authentically restored. The spoonbills collection impressively shows what solutions were offered in the different eras to sit: by virtually to series products, from wood to steel, fiberglass and carbon collection Loffler is a Panopticon of sitting and the craftsmanship of the past two centuries. Floris”by Gunter Beltzig is granted under the collectables. Loffler under this term are Edition produced classics and new developments of famous designer in a limited edition. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea.

The limited edition copies of the spoonbill Edition are numbered and supplied with signed certificate of authenticity. Indicates a work directory about the acquisition and disposition of the individual pieces. With this first limited edition Loffler shows the responsible use of resources: plastic is processed in tradition and craftsmanship to an everlasting, timeless, unique art object. The law of resonance is that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s statement “The spirit grows with the size of the Outlook”, his desk from the old Weimar with 70s design, Gunter Beltzig and spoonbill philosophy meet in 2011 -. The starting point for a series of limited editions of designers who succeed in the Laguna collection coincides with the seating sculpture by Gunter Beltzig. The examination of the cultural history of the sitting, as well as the passion for beautiful shape is in the current Loffler edition collection and passion for arts and crafts in the Laguna as well.