Hedron Multimedia Center

Networked entertainment – Hedron Multimedia Center and multi-room solution the desire for unlimited entertainment and information throughout the House is getting stronger. The theme of this year’s CeBIT is Connected World”. Considered a portion of the large one networked world, namely the small world of the own four walls, so the term networked House sounds”maybe too much work and less leisure time and relaxation. The desire for unlimited entertainment and information throughout the House but is increasingly. But how can you represent home still open and for all to understand the huge range of entertainment and information? And how does one do it without a variety of different devices that are disturbing in the living room and other rooms? Starting in the living room, so you can retrieve live TV, recordings, videos, music, photos, news, Blu-ray and Internet only a box with a single remote.

“With the multimedia center of Hedron, the multimedia cow”, can have a clear interface with a single remote control the complete entertainment. Will be the entertainment content also in other areas such as kitchen, bath, or fitness room available, so Hedron offers a multi-room solution consisting of a central server combined with clients that can be accessed over the network to all of the server. So anyone in the House can any any content whether live TV, stored video, music, photos or Internet there retrieve where he wants it. It is only a small box in each space, the cow of the client”mini, required. The Hedron multi-room system is a complete solution that can be used by users without special knowledge of multimedia because of its clear and easy to understand user interface.

More information about the Multimedia Center and the Hedron multi-room solution can be requested from Hedron.