Hidden Beauty

Why? This shows that the ‘entrance’ is opened, it is ready. Men also do not know this. They react instinctively. They are all looking procreation. And get married mainly to those who potentially will become the mother of their children. That’s where the hidden beauty! If your function works perfectly, breathes on you beauty, attractiveness, as they say – fluids. A if you have a kind and caring, which means you comfortable, man will not even notice that you have crooked teeth or short legs. Of course, appearance is very important.

And I urge you to stop to wash and make-up. Do not make yourself an idol body. Now that was played ‘cult of the body. ” About the soul remembers only in the East. But to us it is gradually coming.

Remember, you do ever get old. Perhaps this process you have touched. So do not be afraid of it. You are also adorable, as in his youth. Just settle into your life a smile, and a good soul, and years will be erased from the face. If you smile to his sweetheart every day, it will depend on you. From your love. If you he will be warm and comfortable, he never look at the other. – And you are all charming enchantress. Now, you should be confident in their beauty as that morning sun comes up. You need to prove it? Necessary to explain the whole process of astronomical phenomenon? No. You know it. So you know the same and that you are the most beautiful! Do not look for confirmation in the eyes of others. Our mentality is now somewhat envious. Therefore, the joy and satisfaction from the society you will not see. On the contrary, get ready for what you have to go through some kind of rejection. Do not worry, it’s only temporary. Women envy those who are better than them. You’re not? If such a drive out of a contrary sense. Looking at a beautiful girl, do not look at it disadvantage. Conversely, tell yourself (and maybe her) that she has a beautiful figure. Blouse or a face. Well, what you make out there, then check. And always stay a man. Share your beauty secrets with the needy. If we will distribute these secrets, beauty really save the world. The fact that we will be born healthy and happy breed.