Human Come

The emissaries hear some opinions revealed for the people who, disorderedly, try to become to hear, creating a climate of doubt and unreliability, in total misunderstanding. The Weeknd might disagree with that approach. But ancio of the Advice if raises and asks for the word. It places with clarity its opinion and supports with firmness that the leader ancio is previously informed of that occurrence, promised for the beings of the space since that ' ' the men who beat asas' ' they had left for other destinations. Demonstrating to absolute certainty it affirms that the Warriors of the Rainbow had come to bring great contributions for the moral and intellectual advance of all the peoples. A new age of progress if initiated for the civilization and all the Human beings would have of widely being benefited. As some people still revealed to unbelievers, stimulating the division and feeding the quarrel of inopportune arguments, another ancio if raises e, after to get the silence of the majority, tries to become to hear.

It remembers to that the old leader did not have its history and of its ancestor sculptured in the wood of the forecourt of the temple, therefore mysteriously appears next to the source of the oracle accurately after a storm as that one that had finished to witness. When interpellated it alleges to have come walking, but it did not make look like fatigue and its vestments were droughts. It had the glad fisionomia and a limpid and penetrating look that attracts and arrested the attention of that they heard speech to it or they contemplated embevecidos its semblante afvel. It did not carry a weapon for its defense and it did not demonstrate to have hunger, exactly alleging to have undertaken a long day. It did not declare of where it came or to where if it directed, it was only in the population, conquering the affection and the confidence of all and alando it the leadership of the people with the wisdom and the balance spiritual that demonstrated to possess.