Imagine Generation

Why do I now wanted to tell you about this? Because he fell into this trap! She is so much hidden financial lovushkachto a lot of people get into it seriously and for life. And can get along well until the end of his days, and not knowing what happens to them. I simply must tell you about it, that keep you from doing so. You say, Denis enough to pour out of a sieve. Let's get to the point. Actor does not necessarily agree.

Want to know where do not need to reach. What kind of trap satisfied with our lives? Ok, I will not torment you prelude, and get down to business. First and foremost I want to appeal to young people. Not because they are quick to learn, but because they will educate the next generation. harles Schwab, who has experience with these questions. William O. Douglas is likely to increase your knowledge. Namely, the generation which did not deceive financial pyramids, not "thrown" on a large scale state.

They are clean and have a new mentality. This new generation of financially literate individuals. I look at my 12-year-old daughter and I understand that for money she thinks differently. So what is the this financial trap. And this: Imagine a young boy or girl. For example, they finish college and go into effect. What are they thinking? Yes, yes to the first salary, about money. This is the first salary in their own life. "Wow as they say today! I now have my money and I am no one could depend on others! "It's very good! They are fine fellows and we are proud of them.