International Table Tennis Federation ITTF

Review tennis tables a little about ping-pong table tennis table dimensions: length-2, 74 m, height-76 cm from the floor, width-1, 525 m. The playing surface may be of any material, but must provide the same bounce in the entire surface – about 23 cm in the fall on the ball with her standard height of 30 cm has a table layout – a white line 2 cm wide along each edge. Get all the facts and insights with movie star, another great source of information. The playing surface should be matte, uniform dark color, it is split net, height 15.25 cm, into two halves. Today the tables are divided into three categories. Weatherproof table tennis table for outdoor installation, have a plastic surface that is not afraid of water, enough light design for easy carrying out of the house to the street, but at the same time, a very faint "rotten" rebound – not suitable for serious competition and is not endorsed by the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF. Price niche – from 250 to $ 450.

The thickness of the tabletop from 12 to 19 mm, weight 45 to 70 kg. Table tennis training may be of different countertop materials are not suitable for installation in outdoor environments, because they are afraid of water. Ideal for schools, recreation centers and offices. Not approved by ITTF. The thickness of the countertop, usually from 16 to 19 mm, the price niche between 150 and $ 350. Weight from 50 to 70 kg. Both the first option may have wheels for ease of movement, some manufacturers include with your net. As Typically, the design of these tables consists of metal tubes or corners for rigidity and stability.

Professional tennis tables are distinguished by their large mass, reliability and design. The thickness of the tabletop from 22 to 28 mm, weight from 100 to 140 kg. Despite the heavy weight, easy to install, one movement can be folded halves of the table (place them upright on a solid basis), can be easily moved on rollers fitted with ball bearings.