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So for example is ship map for a journey, the Dress card for luck, the coffin map for death, the bear card for strength during the Fox card list and the ring map indicate marriage or partnership. Through the strong significance of cards the Lenormand quickly found favour with the general public, and even today there are numerous, enthusiastic supporters. Although the Lenormand, well suited because of their clear symbols and distinctive significance, also for beginners and beginners, the accurate recording of cards and precise interpretation of the meaning requires a lot of experience. The difficulty of this fortune telling cards is that the meaning of a map (which is often relatively clear and obvious) can change completely through the surrounding cards. In some cases, a surrounding map can negate even the meaning of a map. Exactly this is the reason why sufficient experience with the Lenormand is essential. The Lenormand are used not only for the fortune-telling but also General questions to answer. It No matter the question comes from what area of life; the Lenormand suited to love, can answer questions partnership and professional. On what you should look for attention when a Tarot reader is the experience of the boatload of cards because the fundamental importance of a Lenormandkarte by the surrounding map can change when the Tarot. Exactly how depends on the case of fortune telling, even when a Lenormand consulting quality strongly from the talent and experience of the cards Leger’s off and especially beginners underestimate often the actual complexity of the Lenormand. If the psychics or fortune-tellers but has enough experience and talent, are the Lenormand ideal for almost all life situations and can be practically applied in many areas of life.