Jorg Bausch

The video was filmed in the desert of Dubai recently. There follow nothing for weak nerves”and the Lady is all gaga” and then you go for Jorg Marjan & Luke in the dressing room and the newcomers of the song baby up on the stage. “The hit Duo by farmer entertainment thrilled with three songs and then renders the landlord” the Mike in his hand. “” The starts in new outfit with he sits on my sound “right through and announces the following song with the words sings you all so great, this is great cinema” on. Added: you can you now let’s rest! “.” But already, his impish smile reveals that Bausch probably itself does not believe that. Rather, the sympathetic singer has a small break and can protect the vocal cords. “Because from thousands of throats his big cinema sound now.” “Also the Lighthouse” represents”the enthusiastic audience with him not only in the city, but in the middle of the arena Oberhausen and after all everything is common ideal” the new Bausch-style dance have, there’s Party again pure and even a new music video on the big screens. Jorg Bausch has many cotton candy booth” Years written and finally for his current album best of total sample bags”even recorded.

“Of course, a round may fly at a Jorg Bausch-solo concert, that there is after all, only once a year not to be missed and on his command, thousands of arms during this flight fly” from left right and Bausch even lands in connecting directly to the high-gloss, black concert grand piano. Also his unplugged session is already a tradition and was the highlight of the concert evening. He is the big final chord during the flight”this time namely without bass & co. At the piano, he plays the chorus again and the lighters and sparklers are unpacked in the Hall. The mood for great cinema”- and there’s also once again in full length! The fans just can’t get enough of Jorg Bausch live at the piano and sing the chorus again. 23 Songs and many entertaining presentations by the artist himself, there are alive with pleasure”is still an encore. But, That was still not Grand Finale! Everyone brings Bausch at the large end again on the stage where he to the sound of I’m with you”finally also the second big surprise this evening reveals: on 5 April 2014 it comes back around in the arena Oberhausen. Then would I be bag you all again”, he calls. “The neverending applause of enthusiastic fans suggested that Bausch already baited over 5,000 visitors this Saturday night with a nearly three-hour show for his seventh solo concert on 5 April 2014, because it left the arena, no one probably not total sample bags” was. New Edition wanted!