One of the oldest and most necessary parts of the car this spring. Spring is a type of spring, which consists of one or more wafers are working on a bend. As a kind of spring leaf suspension retains all the features characteristic of the springs. But it so happens that some cars more comfortable spring suspension spring suspension. This means that the spring have made a stiff. But spring is a special characteristics. Plus, a helical spring is that it is almost impossible to break.

When you compress the coils will fall on each other and the spring does not spring will not break in extreme cases suffer just wheels, frames and bridges. A spring due to the deflection can be completely destroyed. The same can be said about the stretchable coil springs. There are different types of springs, the springs are odnolistovye, multisheet and malolistovye. Multisheet springs in Russia, the most extended thanks to them as possible evenly split the load. These result in a rigid structure and can not use other structures to hold the bridge. Also, all the springs will work sheets approximately the same time as are in similar conditions. Another plus is that the deflection due to the buildup of cars decreases.

Often it can not use springs. To make the leaf springs are used carbon spring steel. To make the desired deflection plates Richt, and the plants die. Then, sheets are heat-treated. Spring on the car is usually mounted ladders. It is possible to mount the bottom and above. As for any mechanism for the springs to attend. With proper care springs of any car will last much longer. To maintain the springs in working order must from time to time to pull Ladders and lubricated regularly lists springs. It is convenient to lubricate the springs that do not have to be removed from the machine. First to lift the car, the wheels were hanging over the floor. Then the lower ends of shock absorbers struts need to disconnect from plates springs. Then fold the fabric into which the springs are wrapped and carefully lubricate the sheets of graphite lubricant. To disclose all possible to use a chisel. Once a year the springs should be removed and disassembled for cleaning and lubrication. If there is something broken plates must be replaced. Once again you have collected plenty of spring smazhte it, you need to grease got all the space between the edges of sheets. Well, first of all take care of his car and podveku. Manage your car carefully and use the good roads.