Lawrence Olivier

Today, the Castle houses a kind of regional Museum with exhibits on fisheries history and the olive-growing of area. The tourist development has Torri an exclusive place made, with luxury guests such as Lawrence Olivier, Vivian Leigh, Maria Callas, Juan Carlos of Spain and Winston Churchill. The Garda village has population of 3835 and located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, approximately in the middle of the olive coast, where the sea opens up about the beautiful headland Punta San Vigilio”and Bay of the siren, both today in private ownership are. It stretches across a panoramic Gulf, dominated by the monastery of the Camaldolesi monks and the legendary fortress of Queen Adelaide ran away to marry Otto the great. The small city has also a large attractive and the beautiful waterfront promenade, which extends up to Bardolino, certainly helps the reputation of the village.

Bardolino is located south of Garda, in the point of more size of the Lake, and has more than the other 6.357 inhabitants, a Bieschen. Famous sights are the churches of San Colombano, San Severo and San Zeno as well as an oil Museum. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vanessa Marcil. But Bardolino is a village to enjoy more than to see. Typical specialties, providing there are freshwater fish, oil and obviously the wine, which is all a guarantee genuine and delicious cuisine. Bardolino is also the Centre of a famous wine region with the same name. The Red Bardolino and the Rose named Chiaretto”are very popular. The wine is also the protagonist of many events, such as for example the Chiaretto Festival or the Festival of the grape.

The village of Lazise is located between Bardolino and Peschiera on the Veronese East Bank, and has a population of 6.213. It is completely surrounded by walls, with six towers, which are dominated by the Skaligerfestung. The apartments and the buildings all built from stone and many get the original structure. Lazise has numerous picturesque corners like Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the small harbour where fishing boats today are located. The houses and archways to the Harbour, as well as the characteristic alleys of the old city are home to numerous bars, restaurants and shops. This village offers both tranquility and entertainment thanks the many walks and the amusement parks, such as Caneva resort with its Aquaparadise and movie studios. How Lazise, Peschiera also lies on the South-eastern shore of Lake Garda, but it is also on the river Mincio, and has a population of 9295. In addition to excavations of Roman times, fortifications, civil buildings and churches, such as the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of the sixteenth century, can be found. In the 19th century made the city of Peschiera with Mantova, Legnago and Verona tirolo Castle Square, which built by the Austrians, and was used to keep their position in Upper Italy, and was in 1848 by Piedmontese troops besieged and conquered. The country that extends to Peschiera Sirmione means Lugana, and is also a typical wine from this area. Man can safely say that the attractions are many and that the Garda the boredom does not exist. Find a Hotel Garda only immediately and begin the holiday can be to not to miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful country.