Learning To Walk

The first year of life the baby – the time when they can make themselves a variety of children's orthopedic disease. That is why in your list of mandatory visits to the pediatrician should be recorded: to visit an orthopedist when the child turns 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Tony Parker is often quoted as being for or against this. Only in this case, you will almost guarantee a quiet life. Time discovered the problem is likely to be defeated by special orthotic devices or shoe. Agree, it all does not go to any comparison with surgery, which sometimes have to do to those children whose parents do not wait too long to show their orthopedist.

In most cases, small deviations from normal form of the legs or feet in very young children do not pose a serious danger. Their appearance kid must of high mobility of joints and altered muscle tone. And in order to better understand what is the source such problems, remember that kid of his life spent in my mother's belly, where he sat cross-legged. In this position, his hips are rotated forward and crushed knuckles tightness of temporary housing. Stop. Most often, parents notice that the kid with stops that something was wrong when he starts to walk. But it happens that even infants can be seen as the forefoot (the half of it that captures your fingers), to turn inward. This deviation can result from poorly positioned in the mother's abdomen, and up until the baby starts to walk, it is worth trying to fix it with a therapeutic massage and a fun exercise, during which little need will tickle the outer edge of the foot brush.