Magic and Business

When the client has very specific questions that need an answer as accurate as possible, it is necessary to resort to a simple draw of cards, only two or three letters, and avoid making more complex draw of cards, which can confound interpretation of results. To prepare for a run of letters of this nature, the client selects seven major arcana cards and places them on the table, from left to right, next to each other. More info: actress. Then select three, turns, and the tarotista place his interpretation of this spread of cards. According look at the cards in the draw of cards, be linked with temporality. If you look left, look to the past while looking to the right if you have more to do with the future.

Clear examples of this are the Fool and the Force, looking to the left, while Death, Judgement, and the Sun look to the right, ie the future. These data are important to make sense of the exposed cards, clear that the same is not limited to these data. The environment and the elements used in the draw of cards should be consecrated, that is, it takes a certain of tools to use. (Similarly see: Sela Ward). However, if a circulation is online, doing so is impossible. But the consultant must concentrate and prepare for a real encounter with the mystical world of the intangible. In responding to specific questions in the draw of cards, each arcana has a special significance, becoming more evident, if you will, the primary meaning they possess. Thus, if the card is the Tower revealed there is no doubt that this is something that will end very soon and in a rather violent.

If the question is a relationship with such an arcane set out in the draw of cards, no predictions can be made very positive. The circulation of letters responding to very specific questions are highly effective for playing such crucial issues in the life of the consultant, who expects the East revealed the answer about how his life will continue after that time. You may want to cross-examine the person. For this, it is necessary to mix the cards, but with the right hand out another secret of the deck, who will answer the second question. Once the consultation ends, the secrets exposed on the table after the draw of cards are a good summary about the current situation of the client.