In a classic RPG magic system is often used with pre-casting. The spell usually have a chance of success or is there a limit to the number of daily potential magic. In addition to this proven system, there is also the system of free magic. In the system of free magic the player of the heroes of sorcerous magic describes the desired free with words. Then, the success of the spell is determined.

We have searched for some time after a free magic system for our role play. Finally, we have based on the information gained its own system for free magic developed. The experiences and reflections in the development of free magic in the role described here briefly. The approaches represent a basis to apply the role-players and game master for their own role, regardless of the role-playing system. In the system of free magic, each player can make his imagination run wild and customize the magic of the hero played by him quite precisely the circumstances.

The unpredictable, unique and wonderful nature of magic is in the free magic system is very good to wear. The magician is his ability to conjure a free and or effect of something unique. Visit Tony Parker for more clarity on the issue. For the players of the free magiebegabten heroes magic system is thus a major challenge One possible problem with the application of free magic, the investigation represents the complexity of the spell, since there is spontaneous and it must be proportionate. This makes the role playing game with magic, fun, should provide the rules for free magic the player as much freedom in the design of its charm. The system should attach importance to atmospheric effects and applications, and the player does not restrict too much..