Marc William

To implement this position size strategies for high net worth private investors acceptable account sizes, success trading of PP Pluto’s futures, rather than going through CFD, which in contrast to futures much kleinteiliger traded can be. This allows a controllable risk profile. Here, Aaron Rogers expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However, is the necessary minimum account size to be PP Pluto’s 40,000 euros. The same strategy in the Futuresbereich to act would be possible with initial size of 500,000 euros only”, notes Marc Wilhelms. Settled CFD trading is about IG markets, because the block trading for several Accounts is possible and an extensive range of market available. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted as being for or against this. Although the focus of trading in interest-rate and index is found, all major segments of the market, so indexes, currencies, interest rates, commodities and stocks are open. Rarely more than three markets are generally parallel traded for PP Pluto’s. The great experience of management is reflected in a certain serenity of the trade.

Chief trader of Marc William’s not looking for entrances at any price, but accepts only trades that offer an excellent chance-risk ratio from his point of view. Investors must expect therefore again phases, in which it is due to lack of attractive opportunities for any positioning. Preferably looking for medium-term trade setups, which lead to trades, which last for several days up to several weeks. Individual market assessments are tracked with varying position size in the course of trade but also over several months. There is a further difference apart from the variable position sizing the risk-specific strategies of PP brokerage. The PP Pluto’s aims clearly in maximizing the investment opportunity to find. Risk management is therefore without fixed percentage limits, but in the context of the general assessment of the market. In addition to the conscious acceptance of the customer from the risk soon becomes clear with views of the PP-Pluto’s strategy that this form of trading requires a great experience of management.