Medieval Literature

Medieval it is a term that if it originates from two words in Latin the first Med, wants to say, ' ' meio' ' the second Eval, wants to say ' ' idade' ' , literally, Age of the Way. Medieval literature can be described as the set of workmanships written in the Europe during the Average Age (that it encloses a thousand years of history enters the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 d.c until the beginning of the Florentine Renaissance in the end of century XV for 1453 return d.c.). Literature was composed at this time for religious writings and workmanships of anonymous authors. The field of study of Medieval Literature is complex, therefore it is initiated in the sacred writings and goes until more profane workmanships. Had to the long period of time and space to be studied it is difficult in simple language to characterize medieval literature, with item that characterize other periods.

As the Baroque one for example, that it was a estilstico and philosophical period of the History of the society occidental person, with date of beginning in middle of the century XVI and end in middle of century XVIII. He possesss as characteristic the fervor religious and the sexiness of the Against-Reformation. Periodically speaking, the baroque Period, goes of 1580 the 1756. The term ' ' barroco' ' homnima happens of the Portuguese word that it means ' ' pearl imperfeita' ' , or for extension, false jewel. The word quickly was introduced in the languages French and Italian. With the Medieval period it is not possible to trace these characteristics since linguistics problems exist, and cultural therefore the workmanships had been written by authors of vary nationalities of the Europe, in vary languages, being that in the religious writings the Latin predominates. Examples of this cultural and linguistic diversity can be seen in two classic poems of Medieval Literature, the epic poem Beowulf written in the Anglo-Saxon language with job of the aliterao; ' ' aliterao is a language figure that consists of repeating sounds of identical or similar consonantais sounds in a verse or a phrase, especially the tonic syllables.