Motorola Player

Only in the 21 st Century aspirations and goals of manufacturers have been implemented in a small diagram mp4 player. The first device provides the opportunity to listen to music patifon was released in the 20 th year. Patifon occupies a significant space is comparable with a huge suitcase. However, soon in 1939 developed the first radio. Creator and developer of the very first radio was a Motorola.

Company name translates as 'motor' 'ola' stands for 'sound' 'Car' and not casual because Motorola has created the first radio for the car. Still, the technology is not standing still, and in 1962 the firm Phillips presented a novelty, cassette player. A 79 g Sony has enhanced the cassette magnitafon to a size convenient to carry around, and ate the player on batteries. Such an arrangement is mainly used for voice recordings and in demand in 80 years. In 1984 he released the first cd player, c good sound quality and the opportunity to save large amounts of music in mp3 format.

In 2000, the year produced a magnetic media. This allowed us to make smaller the size of the carriers of music and information to the smallest size. Today, using market demand audio – video products are hdd players which combine dvd player with the ability to connect to any device with av output / input. Memory hdd player can store 120 movies, as well as intended to store and transfer video, data files. History upgrades audio goes on, expect something supernatural needed. Maybe will witness a new era of super technology.