Movable Car

Choosing a jack for your car, determine its size, weight and their physical abilities. If you own a nissan march or mini, then you have enough Mechanical foldable jack carrying capacity of 1, 1 tone It costs about 230 rubles. For the most predominant middle-class vehicles optimally exploit hydraulic telescopic jack mlenky. As For example VDG2 Russian company "Minsk-Auto." The popular "dvuhtonnik" easily raise a quarter of a meter, "ten", "Nexia", and other proportionate car. It is this "helper" We recommend buying women drivers – installation with no need of physical effort, and a look that will not damage the interior of any trunk, and the price of 250 USD making it quite affordable to everyone. Hydraulic "heavyweight" could easily lift the weight 4, 5 and even 8, 2 v. Lever or Movable hydraulic jacks are designed mainly for owners of "solid" SUVs, vans, minivans and auto service staff. In comparison with the conventional "hydraulic" a major role in identifying the technical characteristics of the jacks is a lift.

For the same capacity to 3 tons, the latter for example 390 mm (model VDP3/19), and possibly 533 mm, as well as the brand VDP3/20 – leader of lifting height of vehicles classmates. More powerful Movable hydraulic jacks are designed for service centers. Their capacity can reach up to 5 tons and lifting height – half a meter. These units most often used in tire changer shops and auto centers. For rapid change of tires, are usually used just two jacks.

Now a few words on how to wisely use the jacks in the production of various works, for example, when replacing tires. For prevent inadvertent movement of the machine should be fixed. To do this you must include reverse gear, hand brake, and at least one wheel under put a brick or a brake shoe. When replacing the wheels All you need to work to have the outside of the car, avoiding contact with the keys, bolts, nuts under the bottom of the car. For security purposes, height should be the minimum necessary for a comfortable and safe operation. Based on materials