Movie Masterpieces

In today's cinema is very rare films, notable of the true film fans. One of these masterpieces – the film ''. After watching this masterpiece (in a different way and not say) the letter does not consist in words, words do not add up to a proposal. Soul rages, chuvtsva overflows inside pun. Tears do not dry up, confused thoughts I think everyone should watch this film at least once in life: to refresh the senses and mind. They (and the film as a whole, and in particular) are taught lyubitvsem heart, to appreciate the loyalty and friendship, to appreciate what a small, furry or not, but still such a good creature, which runs side by side and see the complete devotion to his eyes, and in this reliability of existing small to see anything more or someone more The film raises questions about his friends about a relationship with them, and generally as a whole about the friendship in your life Show this movie to your child, see for yourself. Teach your children from childhood to the present natoyaschey friendship and love. Perhaps you think that I am very impressionable.

Maybe I will not argue. But I do not think it's his fault. I am glad that when I watched this beautiful film, I was able to experience all that we wanted to show the author. I can learn to love in the most faithful creatures on earth – a dog Want every person on earth was a little like , because then our world would be much better.