Mukhadin Ismailovich

But at work I forget everything. As I say, I die once. – Mukhadin Ismailovich, and in Spain as your anniversary, then celebrated? – Of course. There after I also think its already an artist. I have been there live, fluent in Spanish. But still, when with me Jackie, often, she said she knows the language better.

And then the Spaniards sometimes very difficult to say. They speak very quickly, and at This is important to talk to them yourself. Companion and sometimes do not listen. An exhibition in Seville, celebrations, press interviews, television. The local museum, I donated his painting "Yearning for Nature". And even earlier, to these commemorative events, we Jacqueline traveled to our friends. By Mikhail Shemyakin in his castle in France, and Love to Mukhadin Candwr in Jordan. With Michael discussing creative plans.

By the way, it is seldom that the two the artist to understand each other because everyone has his own vision of the world. With Shemyakin we understand each other perfectly. With Michael, we discussed the possibility of holding exhibitions of works by artists of Kabardino-Balkaria in France, in his Exhibition Centre. There are joint projects with Mukhadin Candwr. During his stay in Amman, we met with members of the royal family of Jordan. Writer, composer, artist Candwr poet and his wife Luba there is respected. In Jordan, there are many Circassians. In Amman the "Adyge Hase," we have arranged a meeting with local artists. We've been out there racing for the prizes of the King of Jordan. – You are a lot of traveling around the world. It helps somehow in the works? – Of course. More delayed in the heart of what you want and then capture on canvas. In addition, every nation has its stunning original art. Something new to absorb and to himself. – Whenever you spend time with Jackie, you are much engaged in charitable actions.