Neptune Festival

Now missing only the Trident, you can tinker also from cardboard and a broom style or cheap acquires in the kids party shop. It carries less risk of injury than if you would use a Pitchfork. When performing the Neptune Festival on a large lake or by the sea, is expected of course, that the God of the sea with a plenty decorated boat or raft ashore. He is accompanied by his Seejungfrauen or Meeresnixen which are costumed with many maritime symbols. Make-up of all performers, we recommend the special children makeup, which is available also in sparkling designs and designed specifically for children’s delicate skin. Baptism is the highlight of every Neptune Festival if you were ever in a summer camp or in the holiday camps and such a Festival of Neptune was carried out there, you know what crackling tension before the actual event there is.

Everyone wondering who will probably baptized at this Neptune Festival. Usually be flashy Selected characters, you can provide due to your behavior also easily with a new sea typical name. (Sparkling starfish, whinnying seahorse”, slimy eel, etc.) Every baptised person receives a certificate, you must make in advance. So you could tinker with a weather the blanks for the certificate together with the children. The name entered but himself later by Neptune. Finally, yes the voltage should remain intact. In addition to the certificate of baptism the baptized children of course also for other great party bags as a reminder are grateful. During the actual baptism Neptune grabs out the previously selected children and young people from the audience.

These must be by him now before the baptism ceremony thoroughly cleaned and shaved. To do this, the face with whipped cream is sprayed and shaved with a razor (made of cardboard). The actual process of baptism is then sealed with a more or less big load of water. Either squirts Neptune his new subjects fully or he throws him right into the water. Since all visitors of swimwear should apply at a Festival of Neptune, also nothing can happen. And at the end, certainly all other guests go swimming because they also get pleasure on a tangy dip.