Norwegian Taste Something Vacation Themselves – German Remain Stingy

How much money of Europe spend the tourists for their hotel room London/Berlin, October 7, 2009 that the holiday behaviour of Europeans changed in economically difficult times, proves the Europe-wide decrease in hotel prices by 16 percent. Who could count as a European hotelier between January and June 2009, but Norwegian, Irish and British guests, was lucky, since these were the most lucrative guest of Europe during the first half of 2009. That has determined the current hotel price index (HPI) of based on the actually paid hotel rates at 78,000 hotels and 13,000 destinations instead of designated room rates. Big spender abroad, special offer in their own country during a hotel stay abroad seems less burden on the traveling Europeans of the economic crisis than in Germany. No matter how like he has his country, for a comfortable bed in a foreign land is almost any traveler willing to attack deeper into the Pocket. Only Norwegians, Danes and Finns were circulating more crowns and euro in their own country. The biggest difference between home and abroad showed the Portuguese during the investigation period.

For an overnight stay in another European country, they paid whopping 35 euros more per room per night than at home. Close behind are the French who attacked 30 Euro deep in the Pocket if they visited foreign countries. The Spaniards (29 euros), Irish (28 euro) and Austrians (24 euros) were a quarter abroad spendabler than at home. Even the German tourists looked on the trip to other countries of less on the cents as between North sea breezes and alpine panorama and let bed abroad per room per night cost is 20 euros more. Ring Hotel funds abroad were Norwegian and Irish hoteliers were fortunate is that 2009 could include visitors from Ireland and Norway in the first half of their guests. The Norwegians and Irish were at the top of the spendabelsten Nations of Europe with an average overnight stay budget of 122 euros per room and night.