November Festival

Players celebrate Halloween in runes of magic just in time for Halloween starts in runes of magic ingame event around the delicious melon fruit. On 27 October, all players of online role-playing can experience the Taboreanische pumpkin Festival. Highlight of the Festival to Halloween is the event zone at the shrine of oblivion. Here it must be an exciting challenge: players meet on small pumpkin monsters that have become wild and wacky demon pumpkins. MMA may not feel the same. Only who skillfully defends itself with captured seeds against the superiority of the Halloween fruit, get credited points. All participating players in runes of magic based on their points known as crazy fire win at the end of each round.

Adventurer redeem this Halloween currency within the framework of the event against gifts. The mad fire can be redeemed by parts a special pumpkin Festival set about transformation potions up to small companions. Who captured particularly successful crazy fire, secures up to two rare titles. Let’s go, KAZ!” and Kaz madness”are available only during the pumpkin Festival. This runs until November 10 this year. More information keeps the official website of runes of magic: