Paragliding Mallorca – Fly And Party On The Most Beautiful Island In The World

Mallorca no longer consists of shooting man and celebrate. Dreamlike scenes seduce to exceptional even if it is the reason of coming here for most, so this is only the icing of a fantastic welcome for pilots. This doesn’t mean is that we can not celebrate flyer. The pilot meeting of “Paragliding Mallorca” offers sport pilots as well as cheaper accommodation in particular insider knowledge, equipment and entertainment. That Mallorca for the paragliding and para motor planes is interesting, we want to document on this website. Together with the Club del vol – Mediterrane flies we at different starting points under different conditions – with or without motor. Because Mallorca is very popular mainly because of its versatility among pilots. On the one hand the Mallorca – invite to the traditional Termikfliegen mountains, on the other hand, the cliffs offer a challenge: the so-called “Klippensoaren”.

Especially the stretching endless cliffs on the “Cap Blanc” seduce to the hours “Soaring”. Tandem flights for all! Benefit from the flight experience of our tandem pilots who have succumbed to the fascination of the free flight for over a decade. Tandem passengers need no experience to fly, however good shoes and comfortable clothes are necessary when moving on the start squares. Thermally active days it can be pretty cool from a certain height in Spain in the summer. All other equipment will be provided by us.