Parts Music

In this trick the parts only can appear all of one msica.* Dizem that if its music rodinha of violo cannot be touched in any, the composition can be imperfection. It is not an absolute truth, but this tip can you ajudar.* Sabe when the musical idea is in its head but you do not obtain to execute in the instrument? He tries and he tries that one hour sai.* To walk with a recorder is basic! He always has to the reach something to register its ideas of composition, nor that he is a cellular one. He imagines in such a way of ideas of brilliant compositions that must have been lost in the world, for mere esquecimento! * He also has a written register of the composition, in cipher and/or partitura.* To the times you finished a composition, but he was not satisfied. He waits some days and he tries to change it, without fear. He tries. Any thing you return for as estava.* When composing in group, learn to like them ideas them others.

If you not to be imprisoned only to its proper ones ideas, music can become more rica.* Crie having in mind all the aspects of the composition: melody, harmony, rhythm, pblico-alvo.* do not have fear to seem ' ' little artstico' ' when treating a composition as if was a project organizadamente planned. Corey Singman has much experience in this field. She makes a survey of the advantages and cons of music, consulting different people for isso.* To the end, are good for registering its composition to prevent plagiarisms. You can register it for the partition and/or letra.* Not if she forgets: to compose is an art of devotion and experimentation! Either bold and creative, always composing. The world of music will be thankful for its future compositions! To see more tips, it enters in: . It uses this text where to want, since that it keeps this reference.