One of the biggest obstacles for most guitar players comes from their own belief that in order to become a great guitarist, you have natural innate abilities. Over the years I gave a set of students private lessons, and I often hear things like these: 'I'll never be as good as (the student names of some great or famous guitarist)' 'guitarists like Yngwie and Steve Vai Malmstinu must be were born with incredible natural talent. " I usually answer by saying the student that he (or she) will never be a great guitarist, until they cease to believe in such things. Such great guitarists like Yngwie and Vai did not just once picked up a guitar in hand, some practice and become virtuosos. They're both a lot and worked hard to develop his amazing skills.

Yngwie observed (many times) that he was engaged for 8 hours a day from 13 to 18 years! If he (and others) were born with all this talent, then why should they have done such a long and hard work to become what they are now? Perfect example of perseverance and tenacity of non-music world is a great basketball player Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan). Jordan was not good enough even to have taken his school team in basketball! Many people have given up after such a disappointment and, most all, would convince myself that sense to try again next year, not since they obviously do not have the talent. But Jordan being in this situation, did not think so. He worked hard and laid out every day, practicing and asking coach teach him, even if it was not a member of the team. The following year Michael took command, and eventually became one of the greatest athletes of all time. I knew several students who felt that they possess an innate talent. K Unfortunately, I saw how they spend their time, waiting for their "natural talent" will turn them into great players.

They showed some progress in the beginning when they were engaged, but they were forced to make his talent the rest work for them. Usually at this stage, they become lazy and practice less, thinking that they would in any case a great guitarist. It's always hard for teachers to see students who have suffered failed because they did not continue to engage in hard, when they had potential. What does all this mean to you? This means that you too can achieve great results, if your heart is a passion for music, and if You have the patience and perseverance and practice CONCERNED EVERY DAY. It may take a long time, but it's worth it. Each of you has the same potential as any other to achieve great results. Do not wait when some natural talent will make you the way you want. You have to believe that you can only do this if you work hard and long if you believe in this idea and believe in yourself … Dreams can come true. Thank you for your attention.