Philosophy and History

The BALL Turning since the primrdios, it, the famous ball, initiated its evolution. Between the liberal interpretation and restricted it has fascinating histories, never lived deeply for a square. Game the ball for the philosophers, insuperveis, still undisputed owners of the ball, enxergaram inaugurating it the perfect round conception of, the rounded off lines The universe does not obtain with them to play, still today is round excessively. We are in the auditorium passive, attending a millenarian game where they still dominate. It is caught ball the man, turns, turned, mark gols of plate innumerable times against.

For being to consider craque so, it turns exactly around itself. It satisfies abstract, round dominant the square in what it is tangible. Of in such a way turning he is enslaved of the object. The creature surpasses the creator. How fatal vice! To the times, in one I sing without enchantment, it goes in it and it comes of the rocking, untied the hand of the boy and goes up for air, between twigs and birds if it accomodates. But so certain it is, it will meet. The sphere if closes, the tips if they find. Was valid the game? It is there, toy, perfection, world. The eyes are its, only, see it as to want: the ball.