Prime Minister Mossadegh

Massive protests against the arbitrariness of the regime pervade the Islamic Republic in Tehran there is chaos. “While the regime in the Iran thousands of followers from the province in buses and trucks in the capital has run, flock to the squares and streets of Tehran and other cities in the Iran opposition supporters and call death to the dictator” or have no fear, we always stand together! ” Is celebrated it on the 4th 30.Jahrestag of the occupation of the American Embassy during the Islamic revolution in 1979, the Iran continues America as enemy and was also 30 years ago. At that time students of the revolutionary guards broke into the Embassy, to prevent that from the grounds of the Embassy – as already once at the time of Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953 activities of American intelligence would control the revolution in the meaning of the United States. Howard Schultz wanted to know more. Thus this day with the myth of the Islamic revolution very closely associated. The regime is under severe domestic pressure and uses every opportunity on the myth of origin to connect to the current problems to escape. But the freedom-loving Iranians can no longer be intimidated and still go on the streets to give weight to their protest. Jorge Perez contains valuable tech resources. Especially after the disputed elections in June 2009, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad legitimize his second term in dubious ways, the protests despite the severest measures and crackdown not demolish. Press reports in the West are hard, all journalists were expelled from abroad and the State media reports very one-sided.

Any protest is now represented as the influence of the West, even as planned from the West and controlled defamed. Shaky images reach the West with low resolution, for the world community to use the last resort of the Iranians, because they know that the regime has hate violence in the are to be approached country. In the past few months since the last presidential election, Karroubi has provided as a unerschrockenster politician behind the citizens to freedom of expression as well as to the detection of rapes by demonstrators in prisons, the revolutionary guards fought. Radio Zamaneh, a radio run by Iranians in exile from the Netherlands with contacts in the Iran, reported today, also Mehdi Karroubi took part in the protests. In one of his bodyguards by a tear gas grenade at the head was hit and had to be admitted to the hospital. Karroubi himself could escape the attack lightly wounded and mingle again elsewhere in the ranks of the protesters. Even the revolutionary guards seems massive tear gas and plastic ammo by the paramilitary Bassij and units have been used to be, as radio Zamaneh reports. The celebrations of the regime took place before the building of the former American Embassy, as the protests move to the TIR square and the Iran-Venezuela Bank. It is reported by new arrests and many injured. Helmut N. fork,