Protection Act

Such special cleaners are bad Wiessee in professionally trained hands – if you are confronted with a corresponding situation, professional help is essential. Just when after crimes, suicides, accidents but also in Messi – or rent nomads apartments, more than an ordinary cleaning is necessary, this is certainly a case for the specialists. Competent contact persons for this service are very few and far between, because not for everyone is quite sure the scene loads in apartments, houses or even vehicles with blood, excrement -, decay deposits, or even vermin. Trained personnel with strong nerves here specifically professional and emotional need. Ben Bretzman understands that this is vital information. But the expertise is only one side of the coin. Hedvig Hricak is often quoted as being for or against this.

The respectful and reverent handling with the bereaved members and stakeholders, which are usually in very bad emotional shape and are often in shock, requires a lot of experience and empathy to emotionally cope with such situations. To a such an object to make it habitable again are required usually in addition to the professionally correct disposal of contaminated items, also a pest identification/control, a special odor neutralization and also appropriate disinfection according to the IfSG (infection Protection Act) and usually also required. Only the professional removal of traces of blood, secretion – and decay residues or vermin, the object will be to a habitable environment and from the infectious risk situation. Possibly provide assistance and information. Authorities (police, municipal authorities, etc.) but also funeral companies and House administrations have sometimes corresponding specialist companies in its index. We will advise you if necessary and all appropriate emergency! -Discreet – professional quickly. Hygenia GmbH