Queen Heaven

Image "33RA" can be seen on sculptures of lions from the ancient city of Olbia, which are now in the Hermitage, on the cave walls Ak-Kaya, located in Belogorsk (Crimea) on the Kerch slab from the ancient city found near the town of Kerch. And in order to understand the meaning of "33RA" must again turn to the symbol of the goddess Inanna (Ishtar): Six-rays emitted from the center inside a circle, grouped into three beams and form two different directions of the triangle – two pyramids within the system of the Universe (Heaven). This is the interpretation of this symbol. Please visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City if you seek more information. But if we take into account the fact that one of these pyramids denotes the Dark Forces, and the other – are bright, and both of these forces in different directions trying to influence the development of the world, and the appearance of two pyramids in the logo represented a dynasty of ra generation in human consciousness "of the virus of Darkness", then and then it becomes quite clear why the dynasty "33RA" – crying. The sign of the goddess Inanna in its original interpretation was a sign of the state Angouleme, but it was designated the sun by eight rather than six rays. Eight rays Sun in the logo were distributed evenly, and set up an endless development of happiness, because the number 8 – it is also a sign of infinity. But even then, in mythology, appears not only to sign six-rayed sun, but the goddess herself Inanna (Ishtar). But this shows the weeping ("INA" – "Crying"), the goddess is not anyone but the very Eve, which acts under the name of Ishtar, the name of Venus, and not only symbolizes fertility, and carnal love, war and strife, is the patroness of prostitutes and displays Friday – popularly called "Friday-slag.

Acquainted with half of humanity and six-rayed star – the symbol of Inanna (Ishtar) – which has 3 of the 6-rays, and only a symbolic triangle of dark forces, but also forms in the future such a thing as a "three-in-six" or "3 / 6, and later – three sixes," 666 "- the number of Satan or the Devil. And cry in this case not only Eve, displayed in the image of the goddess Inanna, but the whole dynasty of King of Angouleme ra. And will she be any until until the dynasty 72RA, a sign which can be found on the same images, which show the sign of the 33 ra. In this case is also appropriate to remember and that of 72 according to the ancient teachings of Kabbalah – the number of God the creator. But under God creating in this case means not Overmind (God), and the Queen of Heaven (Virgin), mapping which is number 72. It is precisely at the time gave rise to the highest form of consciousness – Overmind (God), which is identified in ancient numerology with the number 144, number that is displayed and the system itself, the Universe. Half of it – this number is 72 – number of the Queen of Heaven (Mary), ascending in numerology Overmind (God) on top of the Universe, on top of his pyramid, expressed by the number 144. That is why Dynasty 72RA – a dynasty which, thanks to the efforts of the Queen Heaven (God) will become the ruling dynasty, and eventually establish a single order and peace on earth, clearing the mind of man from the "virus of Darkness." (To be continued)