Regional Road Plan

It also noted the adoption of the Regional Road Plan which has been promised to finish paving all road access to the municipalities of the region. Special mention, by the impact of topics, make your decision to co-finance with almost 40 billion pesos of Thessaly-Paicol irrigation district and 20 billion construction of the via Isnos-Paletara-Popayan, both works that may not end at its but important for the competitiveness of the Huila. Of course, all the above-mentioned enforceable have had a large collaboration by the departmental Assembly, all their benches which I congratulate you. Continue to learn more with: Adam Sandler. Although I heard mention several causes, reasons and excuses, any of them convincing, definitely the results were not the Fort of the departmental government in 2008. The ruling has been, so far, by its special ability to talk, talk, talk and talk, and talk even more good intentions, projects, realization of dreams won’t do an exhaustive analysis of the Development Plan targets met in 2008, because that would be very boring and technical, but yes I do reference to some that my attention because end-of-year balance sheets were not mentioned executed, as for example the 10,000 projected housing which has been already due have built at least 2,500; 6,000 improvements of which already should have built at least 1,500; 80% of municipal capitals which promised sewage treatment systems, of which already 20% it has due reach (7 municipalities); 100% of municipalities are promises which implement solid waste treatment systems, which already had had built in at least 9 municipalities; the 40,000 hectares of coffee to renew of which 10,000; should have already 5 new mega educational establishments of which already is has given at least 1 service; and the 528 works of infrastructure in the education sector (including classrooms, restaurants and sports centres) which already at least 132 have properly constructed. The black spots are also several, starting with the more eye-catching policy of the whole team of Government which is that of sectarianism.